Industrial Coatings & Linings

For industrial projects, we offer a broad spectrum of shop and field applications for ICI, rehabilitation and maintenance work, including:

  • Chemically resistant coating systems including zinc (inorganic & organic zinc rich epoxies), epoxies, urethanes, moisture cured urethanes, mastic epoxy
  • Novolac epoxy, vinyl ester, polysiloxane, high heat, plural component urethane, MMA (methyl methacrylate), DTM acrylics, water-based systems, thermal metal spray (metalizing)

For grain terminals, hydro-electric facilities (dams), clarifiers and other concrete structures, we offer the full spectrum of repair – access, surface preparation (waterblast, abrasive blast), concrete sounding and cutting, rebar repair and concrete patching, followed by coating application and even signage.

Commercial & Architectural

For commercial and architectural projects, we offer a broad spectrum of shop and field applications for the ICI sector, as well as for maintenance projects, including:

  • Wood staining on site as well as in our shop facility
  • Architectural finishes – spray, brush and roller, textured – any size project
  • Enamels, acrylics, water-based epoxies
  • Traffic marking/line painting
  • Floor coatings – thin and thick film applications
  • Floor burnishing and polishing
  • Lead abatement
  • Specialty coatings – zincs, polyurethanes, chemical resistant systems
  • Drywall patching and taping

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is essential to optimal coating performance and long-term corrosion control.

Clara Industrial possesses the knowledge and experience to prepare anything – steel, concrete, wood, aluminum, cast iron, stainless, galvanized, glass and plastics – wherever you need work done.

For production blasting work we have multiple media options including steel grit, natural abrasives (slag, crushed glass, aluminum oxide). For both shop and field applications we have closed-loop recycled abrasive options that dramatically reduce the environmental impact of surface preparation as well as costs to you. With our high-volume dust collection units, we eliminate the dispersal of dust from abrasive blasting, allowing us to work anywhere.

Our shop facility is set up to provide fast, efficient quality results for most any sized projects, using both steel and natural grits (black sand, crushed glass, aluminum oxide, glass bead) for abrasive blasting. Our steel grit booth provides superior cleanliness with the benefit of eliminating the waste generated with single use grit via our recycle system.

Sensitive equipment components – turbine blades, stainless parts, aircraft frames, casings and housings – are regularly cleaned at both our shop and on site at customers facilities, using containment and dust collectors to ventilate and protect the surrounding environment.

When it comes to lead abatement, we have trained lead abatement workers, all the blast equipment to perform any job including mobile blast and vacuum recovery units, over 250,000 CFM of mobile dust collection at our disposal, multiple decontamination trailers, as well as vacuum shrouded blast equipment, ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment, vacuum shrouded power tools and floor cleaning (shotblast and grinder) with dust collection and HEPA filtration. For non-blasting removal, we routinely perform chemical stripping and vacuum shrouded power tool removal.

We have specialized equipment that can abrasive blast and line pipe internals from 2 inch to 32 foot diameter.