High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

Clara Industrial possesses a multitude of tools, tips, lances and line to address any circumstance – cleaning of tube bundles, digester screens, autoclaves, remote cleaning for surge bins, leachate tanks and similar vessels, thawing of long lines, removal of scale in tube bundles, tanks, lines, screens and wires.

For high pressure water blast pumps, we have 14 units ranging from 15,000 – 40,000 psi, as well as high volume options that can generate 160 GPM for boiler cleaning and similar operations.

For removal of smelt from boiler floors in advance of tube inspection and testing, we have high-volume high-pressure water blasting capabilities of 160 GPM at 8,000 psi coupled with remote tooling to provide safe and effective bed cleaning during the wash cycle – typically in 18 hours. Once tagged out and stair-tower installed, we can enter with hand tools for touch-up cleaning.

Long line cleaning and thawing – We offer 5,000 psi at 20 GPM steamer units with long line capabilities to clean and thaw drains, basins and pipe runs up to 1,000 feet in length.

Industrial Vacuuming & Hydrovac Excavation

To serve our customers, we have 9 vacuum and 5 hydrovac units ready for operation – including 3 all-vac units that can vacuum wet and dry material as well as hydro-excavate.

Our fleet of vacuum trucks are properly equipped for the collection and disposal of industrial and commercial waste water, oily water, organic and inorganic waste & contaminated soils.

All of our vacuum units are high volume air flow (5,300 – 6,400 CFM), high vacuum (28” Hg), with large debris tanks (14 yd) to provide the most pull for the job when your call comes in – often twice the volume and pull of our competition. This means that we can vacuum longer distances, pull from greater depths and vacuum for longer stretches before needing to dump.

Our hydro-excavation equipment is the most advanced technology available today. We not only offer the largest, most productive hydro-excavators, but we also offer combination units we call “all-vacs” that can seamlessly go from hydro-excavation to dry vacuum – allowing you the choice on site. Our all-vac’s provide our remote customers with the ideal tool for cleaning – one unit that can come to site to hydro excavate and clean out dry material from a tank without the addition of water. This means we do not need to bring two units to your site because one unit can handle all your vacuuming requirements.

Hydro-excavation provides customers with the safest manner of digging around sensitive equipment, utilities and infrastructure. With our 4,000 psi/16 gpm onboard steamer units with 900,000 BTU heaters, we can cut dramatically more than smaller units, and with our industry leading 1,200 gal water tanks and 14yd³ debris tanks, we can remain on site digging for more hours per shift.


Since 2003, Clara Industrial Services Limited has been safely installing the QuikDeck Suspended Access for bridge rehabilitation work including:

  • As part of a full enclosure envelope for bridge blasting and coating work
  • As a safe platform for steel work, concrete repairs and other work
  • As a safe and secure containment debris shield for concrete deck removal and replacement
  • As a safe access platform for structural steel repairs in mines, plants and tanks

Along with QuikDeck, we install and use suspended swing stage and spiders as well as scaffold and aerial lifts/platforms to allow us to get to any project safely and effectively.

To meet environmental regulations for field work, we install 100% Total Encapsulation Containments complete with high volume dust collection units, decontamination facilities, and waste management.